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Dude, it’s Shabbos!

July 9, 2007


(source: Wikipedia)

For those of you unfamiliar with the subject – Shabbos (or Shabbat, or the Sabbath) is the Jewish day of rest. Most forms of work are prohibited (i.e. turning lights on and off, driving, business transactions) – there are actually 39 different types of work that cannot be done.

Don't Roll on Shabbos

(source: allposters)

Shabbos was made popular to the non-Jewish mainstream through the movie, The Big Lebowski. In this film, John Goodman’s character says the now famous phrase”I don’t roll on Shabbos”! Proudly proclaiming his Jewish heritage (even the more so after he converted and has since divorced, it’s really a cute scene).

This movie now has a cult following, and even has annual LebowskiFests:

Lebowski Fest


Last, but not least – here is an entertaining video by the folks at Jewish Impact Films about 2 guys at work. One telling the other that he wouldn’t do anything to break Shabbos. Funny stuff!