Synagogue rejected and the lights went out

and then the lights went out

Chabad of Canarsie, located in Brooklyn, New York, was about to get voted out of their proposed new facility. Then, just moments before the greater community board had a chance to vote no (a unanimous NO, as it turns out), the lights went out. This did not stop the board from advising the zoning committee against granting a variance permitting the erection of a new synagogue near the existing 2 synagogues already present.

Rabbi Yehudah Friedman, rabbi of the Canarsie Chabad House was understandably disappointed with the ruling, saying that it would be better to have all of the synagogues on one block. A yes vote would have advised the zoning committee to permit the construction.

(photo and article source: Courier-Life Publications)

Here is a picture of the proposed Chabad House:

Proposed Chabad House at Mill Basin

(photo source:

I’m a native New Yorker, and considering that Chabad of Canarsie purchased the property outright in 2004, this vote is absolutely absurd. This new style and architecture clearly shows a concern for the existing look of the neighborhood.


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